CyberTalk Messenger is a free
Instant Messaging solution.

CyberTalk Messenger is a Messenger with
full Unicode support for chat messages,
Voice Chat, Web Cam support and File Transfer.

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CyberTalk is a great place for users to have fun and interact using this new technology. Listen to music, watch videos, meet new friends and keep in touch with friends, family and relatives. Subscribe and get attractive color nicknames and enjoy unlimited rooms, with up to 12 video streams. Send and resume the transfer of files and photos, learn and study in our educational rooms. Improve your business by customizing your room banner and web siteto promote it to your visitors. Here is the list of some CyberTalk features:

* High Quality Audio Streaming for Voice Chat and Music
* Free colors and crowns for all users
* Public Rooms with Ownership and Administration
* Private Rooms for 1-on-1 Messaging
* Audio and Video Preferencesand Privacy Option
* Ability to Send Whispers in Rooms
* Animated Emoticons and Custom Web images
* Sending and receiving Offline messages
* Ability to Add rooms to Favorite List
* Detailed User Profiles with custom avatar images
* Online Games like Mic Jumping, Trivia and Scramble
* Automatic Client Updates


Special Gifts for Users

We will be giving special gifts to users who invite a lot of people to CyberTalk and have a lot of users in their room. With 25 or more people in your room, you will get Brilliant Service subscription as a gift. This gives you Graycolor as an option for your ID and 15 minutes for holding the mic (jumping game). With 50 or more people in your room, you will get CyberTalk Service as a gift. This will give you Silver color as an option for your ID and 30 minutes holding the mic (jumping game). With 100 or more people in your room, you can ask for a special 4-character nick. With 250 or more people in your room, you can ask for a special 3-character nick.
Enjoy CyberTalk and invite your friends to join!



Open the Trivia example in a text editor like Notepad
add your own Questions and Answers (one question per
line, Answers separated by a * ), then you can use it in
your Room in CyberTalk to host a Trivia game.


Open the Scramble example in a text editor, add your
own Words (one word per line), then you can use it in
your Room in CyberTalk to host a Scramble game.

Problems downloading or installing CyberTalk?

1. Click HERE to Download all CyberTalk files in a single ZIP
2. If your Browser blocks the file, right-click on the file and select "Keep" or "Allow".
3. Open the ZIP file (click or double-click), you will see a "CyberTalk" folder in it.
4. Drag the "CyberTalk" folder to your Desktop, or to a folder of your choice.
5. Close the ZIP file (after the "CyberTalk" folder is unpacked)
6. Open the new "CyberTalk" folder (created in step 4)
7. Open the "License.txt" file to read the EULA (End User License Agreement)
8. If you accept the EULA, you can run the "CyberTalk.exe" (double-click)
9. Click on "Create a New Account" to fill up the form and create your account
10. Log in with your new Username and Password
11. Enjoy CyberTalk Messenger